for quick set up and dismantling of pastuere fences

Kiesa HOG-400

The HOG-400 is made for quick set up and dismantling of pastuere fences

Up to five wires can be pulled or wound at the same time. There is space for 400 fence posts in the magazine, which is designed as a perforated plate, so that the fence posts can be removed and inserted quickly and without getting caught in other posts. The pulling or winding of the wires and the setting or removal of the fence posts is done in one operation, so that it is not necessary to walk over the fence section several times. The machine is quickly ready for use and can be attached to the tractor in just a few steps. Outside the grazing season, the fence posts remain in the magazine of the HOG-400, which saves space in storage and means that they are ready for use immediately at the start of the season.


The up to five reels are force-limited with an overload protection device each. On the one hand, this allows the reels to rotate independently of each other, and on the other hand, it prevents the wire from tearing off if it has become entangled or has grown in. An optimal reel result is also achieved because the wires are kept under constant tension.


The reels are driven by an electric motor that is supplied with energy by the pulling device. Regardless of the number of reels, only one motor is required.


The perforated plate has a capacity of 400 fence posts that can be inserted or removed without getting stuck. The magazine can be rotated in 90° steps so that the fence posts are always in the optimal position for the operator. If a magazine of 400 fence posts is too small for your company, the perforated plate can be quickly and easily exchanged for another.


Outside the season, the fence posts are organized in the magazine and therefore take up as little space as possible. The device can easily be moved by hand thanks to the rollers.


Since the electric fence wires are taut in their final position and the fence posts are in a vertical position in the magazine, stooping is reduced to a minimum.


The basic equipment of the HOG 400 includes the basic structure, a reel holder, the magazine, the rollers for manual movement and storage boxes.


The machine can be fitted with the following options:
  • Mounting for tractor bar instead of catch hooks
  • Box to carry small objects
  • Holders for up to five reels
  • Universal-hooks
  • Box for corner posts (attached to the magazine)
  • Die Story


    From our own experience we know how tedious and time-consuming it is to put up and take down pasture fences. Once you have dismantled the fence, the posts are permanently in the way, in the barn or in the machine hall. If you want to prepare everything at the beginning of the season, the fence posts get caught in each other and get broken. When clearing away the pasture fence, you have to walk the fence section several times because the wires get caught or intertwine with other wires. The winding on the reels is usually too loose, which can cause a loop to form that slips off the side of the reel and wraps itself around the holder. In the evening, you have backache because of the constant bending. We can solve all these problems with our device, the HOG-400. We built three prototypes to go to market with the best possible solution. The first one only had a perforated plate as a magazine and you could not wind or unwind the wires. With the second prototype we were already able to set up and dismantle pasture fences. However, it was still very complicated, unwieldy and expensive. We were able to eliminate these points of criticism in the last version and can now support you in setting up and clearing away your pasture fence with a mature and practical device.


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